Many thanks to all the great bridal couples for the kind words. We just had fun organizing your wedding with you.

Wedding without stress

Annika did a fantastic job helping us with our wedding planning. We had a great (industrial) location with perfect food, beautiful wedding cakes and flowers, excellent photographers and videographers, super music and a stunning wedding speaker.

At the ceremony itself, Annika provided gorgeous decorations and kept track of all the details. Thanks to her, we were able to enjoy the ceremony and the party to the fullest and didn't have to deal with the organization.

Thank you so much, dear Annika!

Annika & Fabian Circle

Guarantor for a dream wedding

Annika and the whole team from True Love Weddings are a guarantee for a breathtaking dream wedding with perfect planning and gorgeous decoration. You can feel the passion, dedication & professionalism in every move! I'm looking forward to many weddings together, I just love you & your work from the bottom of my heart! Keep it up!

Jane Weber

Exceeded claims

Annika Wietzorke's team organized our civil wedding in December last year and even exceeded our high standards. We are planning to get married in church next year in the summer and we will have Annika plan and organize this celebration again ...

Karl Daldrup

With great attention to detail

Annika works very professionally and with the best service providers. With great attention to detail and an always open ear for our wishes, she conjured up an absolute dream wedding for us. We are still indulging in the memories and thank her very much for her 100% commitment. We can only recommend you to everyone. Because of their reliability we could enjoy our day relaxed.

Katrin Wimmer

Round overall concept

I am a florist myself and I have been able to work with Annika for several weddings. Annika always works out a highly individual concept tailored to the bride and groom.

No two weddings are the same, which I think is just wonderful. I don't know anyone who has such a keen sense for colors, style and aesthetics. Everything is always coordinated down to the smallest detail, so that a really well-rounded overall concept is created. I like Annika's personal approach, which means that you can tell that each of her weddings is really a "project" from the heart.

I can only recommend Annika wholeheartedly. For the big day you don't just have a professional wedding planner by your side, but rather a very warm-hearted friend.

Madita Kappmeier-Burzlaff

Attention to detail

With an incredible amount of creativity and attention to detail, Annika organizes the most beautiful weddings that I have ever seen and that are individually tailored to each bride and groom. She never runs out of ideas and she has looked after us and everything that goes with it very lovingly. The preparation time was therefore very relaxed for us and we had a wedding that was even more wonderful than we could have ever imagined.

Even 6 years after our wedding, we are very happy that we chose Annika as our wedding planner and we would do it again at any time! In addition, in my opinion, she works with the best service providers, so nothing can really go wrong.

Kristina Schweizer

Liked in every way

Annika Wietzorke and her team impress with their very quick comprehension and their professional approach. Me and my wife liked it in every way. It's a shame that we're only getting married once!

Matthias Jerosch

Dream wedding

Thanks to Annika we could celebrate our dream wedding! Everything was perfectly planned and implemented! Thanks again for that! We would book Annika again at any time and recommend it to everyone!

Alice Hoebing

Barn as a wedding location

You have always committed yourself 100%, responded to our wishes, kept an overview and kept calm. We still love how you turned our old barn into a wonderful wedding venue. Thank you, Steffi!

Laura-Marie Mätschke

Perfect organization

Our greatest wish was that we and our guests could fully enjoy our wedding without having to worry about anything that day. And that's exactly how it was. Annika had organized everything perfectly and took great care of everything. It was an unforgettable party that lasted until the early hours of the morning. Not least because of the great location, the breathtaking decoration, the brilliant DJ and the highly professional photographers. It couldn't have been a better choice. To get to the point.

A wedding planner has to be exactly the same: professional, well organized and incredibly creative. She is so warm and amiable with all of them that this was not only an enrichment on the day of the wedding, but every appointment for preparation and planning was a lot of fun. It was the best decision ever to have hired a wedding planner ... and it was Annika that was the greatest stroke of luck! Thank you for everything!

Andrea Meiers

Enjoy and celebrate

At first I thought: I'll do it all myself. In retrospect, I know that our wedding would never have been so nice if we hadn't had Annika. In addition to the good ideas and the constant "bring the bride back on the carpet", she impresses with her absolute professionalism and the sure feeling for what suits the bridal couple.

The selection of the photographer would have been a real problem, Annika put us in a targeted manner to the right one. Every single meeting, every email exchange was productive and very nice, every time we got closer to our beautiful day and shaped it into what it has become!

Having Annika on site during the day made us incredibly relaxed as the bride and groom and gave us the opportunity to really talk to each of our guests without having to think about everything else in the back of our heads. We could enjoy and celebrate our special day. For these and many other reasons, we can only recommend Annika without reservation. We thank you and your great team for our dream wedding!

Sebastian Spiekermann

Fantastic wedding

We live in Berlin and celebrated our wedding in Münster. It would have been very difficult without Stefanie. She took in all of our wishes from a distance and was always available to help and advise. We had a fantastic wedding. Thank you so much!!!

Farsana Burmeister

Dream wedding

This woman makes it possible where others fail. It's a shame that you can't get married every week. Thank you Annika.

Markus Altensell

Everything in view

From the beginning, Annika planned everything in hand, had everything in view, always coordinated essential things with us and thus gave us a wonderful wedding without much stress.

Michael Hielsche

Wedding without stress

Completely overwhelmed with decoration, we were made aware of Steffi. Steffi offers i.a. We also offer individual packages that can be booked individually, including the creation of a decoration concept. In the evening after we got to know each other, we received the message from Steffi that she would like to work with us. No sooner said than done, and a few days later we had our first ideas and suggestions.

When we first met, Steffi apparently took up our wishes and our style so much that we found everything to be perfect. At the appointment with the florist with Steffi, we were immediately enthusiastic about how everything was implemented. So we had our concept in place within a very short time!

In doing so, Steffi always communicated directly with the other service providers, which is why we really only received the finished solution (possibly for the decision-option A or B, Steffi knew exactly that we are too uncreative to be able to contribute ourselves .

On the day of our wedding, Steffi really took care of EVERYTHING, we had absolutely nothing to do, except to enjoy the day. The decoration exceeded our expectations many times over, we were just flashed. The room, the decoration, everything was wonderful, coherent and perfect.

We were asked so often in the run-up to the wedding whether we were already stressed, whether we still had a lot to do. In fact, we were incredibly relaxed - Steffi took everything from us. So we could not only celebrate our wedding without stress, but also just enjoy the last days before.

Steffi not only knows exactly what she's doing in her job. She is also wonderful in interpersonal relationships! She asked so often how we were doing, how the preparations were going, etc. She always had an open ear for us and always stood by us. She is such a great person with so much empathy and zest for life. It is super organized and structured, which is why you never have to worry that something doesn't work out the way you want it to. We had e.g. the selected candle holders are not available in sufficient quantities. Steffi looked for a solution until she came up with an even more optimal variant.

Steffi, we are SUPER happy that we got to know you and that you supported us so much. Your work turned out really perfect and we couldn't have asked for a nicer decoration for our wedding! Without you, our wedding and the time before would not have been anywhere near as beautiful! A big THANK YOU to you !!

Melanie Liebmann


Thank you dear Steffi !! You always had everything perfectly under control. Recommendation!!!

Ulrike Bruns

Very satisfied all round!

We planned our wedding with Steffi this year and were completely satisfied! Anyone looking for professional and very personable support is definitely in good hands here. Should there be another event then definitely with her again.

Pia Gerick

Thanks for cooperation

It is always an honor to work with dear Steffi. She is extremely competent, empathetic, professional, creative, reliable and committed in everything she does. With her, all bridal couples are in good hands. With her warm and sensitive manner, she stands up for the newlyweds and implements their wishes. Thank you for the great cooperation.

Nasila di Piazza

Full of anticipation

Our dear Nora is currently accompanying us in planning our wedding. She goes with us through ups and downs and catches us when something goes wrong. We can contact you at any time with questions, suggestions or doubts. It is super flexible and always ready when it is needed. We are looking forward to our big day with her and are sure that thanks to true love it will be very special, exactly as we imagine it to be.

Carmen Martin & Maik Dohmen

Best support

Our church wedding took place almost a year ago. Annika supported us in the preparation with her many years of expertise, implemented our individual ideas and not only kept our backs free by relieving us of most of the communication with all service providers. No, above all she made us feel extremely good because we knew that she was acting to the best of our knowledge and belief in our taste. In our opinion that is simply priceless.

The joint meetings were more fun than duty, we had a lot of fun together, not only at the legendary rehearsal dinner. Even now we are still in regular contact, simply because it harmonizes perfectly on a human level.

We can only recommend to every future couple to choose Annika. We haven't regretted it for a second and wish you, dear Annika, all the love and continued success in the future.

Caroline Ossadnik

Super professional

Annika is just great and I would never be so relaxed before our wedding at the end of August if we didn't have her. She has an incredible love for details, is super professional and is always at your side with words and deeds. She also thinks about the little things that make an event perfect, but which I would never come up with on my own. I will miss the great planning evenings with her very much and will definitely book her again for the next event. The wedding is going to be amazing!

Mirjam Gerwing

Unique wedding

Thanks to Annika, we had a wonderful relaxed wedding that was really unique! From concept to implementation! She always kept an eye on our budget and really made dreams come true. If we got married again, Annika would be our first choice again.

Anna Lena Boerste

Creativity and passion

I've known Annika for several years and have been invited to a number of occasions. I was always impressed by the creativity and passion with which she approaches projects. Weddings, anniversaries or company events, it was always a pleasure for me and I can only warmly recommend it to everyone.

Marvin Kreye

Best decision

Hiring Annika to plan our wedding was the best decision. Absolutely professions and very experienced. The best thing was the complete care on the day of the wedding itself. Just great.

Max Klingberg

Individual ideas

We would do it again and again! Booking Annika as a wedding planner was the best decision as part of our wedding preparation. With great attention to detail and individual ideas, she created a very special and unforgettable wedding that we like to think back to. She always had the right service provider on hand and made sure that we could enjoy the day to the full. Professionalism combined with cordiality!

Bea Gartemann

Very special note

Annika gives the wedding a very special touch with her creativity, attention to detail and perfectionism, which is not only remembered by the bridal couple.

Elena Schulz

Creative organizational talent

Annika is a really creative organizational talent and does a great implementation of the wedding planning

Sven Brüninghoff

Perfectly planned

Annika is simply fantastic and planned our wedding perfectly down to the last detail. Without her it would not have been our absolute dream wedding!

Daniel Wiechmann

Exceptional talent in the wedding business

I have already been able to organize many weddings on a professional level with Anni. Her professionalism, as well as her authentic manner and her wonderful taste, make her an exceptional talent in the wedding business. Every detail is tailored to the character of the bride and groom and adds up to an extraordinary composition. Anni lives individuality, and you can see that in her weddings. She is always open to every wish and implements them with a lot of love and a warm heart. For them, every bridal couple is much more than just a "customer". This is about closeness to the heart, authenticity and a lot of sensitivity.

Jasmin Neidhart


As a DJ I have been working with Annika for many years and am always overwhelmed by the passion and attention to detail with which Annika plans her events. She thinks of every detail! Her decorations always form a whole. Always individual, always adapted to the wishes of the customer and of high quality. Amazing!!!

Sascha Kaimer